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After our two days trip from Sydney to Melbourne we dropped off the car and went to look for a phone. We called our hosts that we have arrived and arranged for them to pick us up from the local bus station - Cockatoo. We were picked up by Arthur, our new host. We drove in his big white Toyota to our new home for two weeks - Trickle Hill. Arthur and Aukje have got three girls, 2 horses, 4 ponies, 2 dogs and some chickens and roosters, a snake and a lizard. I think i have named all of them! We were living with an english girl, Laura, in our own little house. There was lots to do on Trickle Hill, weeding, planting, building, scooping poop are just some of the jobs we were asked to do. We worked long hours but ended the day always with a glass of vino or a beer with our hosts. We had a really cool morning with Arthur when he decided to take us for a muddy drive. Well i did almost swear. Anyway we did spend 2,5 good weeks there but it was time for us to move on. So we decided to go and see our new friend Merric in Melbourne, had a crazy night out with him. Slept in his bus and then hit the road towards Adelaide. Here we go!


Mama & Daddy
11/28/2010 03:26

Ahh, so glad you're having such a great time - with your personalities, it would be difficult for anyone not to love you! We miss you, love you and look forward to your next update! Look after yourselves xxx

12/09/2010 04:14

Damn we miss you guys so much!!! When I see your pics it's like I can reach out and touch you...but I can't :-(

I was talking with Aaron recently and we were saying how much we're missing you guys and can't wait till you come back and tell us everything! We'll wait up till sunrise...!!!

p.s. There's a new spare room in Carshalton just waiting for you guys to come back and use ;-P


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