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Leaving Melbourne was pretty exciting. We were going to drive on the Great Ocean Road and see all the amazing things in the Lonely Planet guide. The first hour went very slowly. We stopped over and had fish and chips and that was pretty horrible. We decided, with the grease dripping down our chins, that we won’t finish it and fed it to the bins. So on the way again, reading the Lonely Planet guide, I discover that the local golf course have got some wild kangaroos, so we head to see them. And oh my goodness, they were actually there! See, the lonely Planet Guide do not tell lies! The second longest stop was in Lorne where we saw our first waterfall in Australia (and my first waterfall EVER!). That was really beautiful and we did spend some time to admire its glory! Then I found that the oldest lighthouse in Australia is on our way, but I wasn't so interested seeing that, than the koalas what according to the Lonely Planet Guide are hanging around in the trees. Tick! They were there and we spend some time watching them. They didn’t like us as much we liked them so after
they tried to run away from us (looked more like walking in slow motion to me) we got back into the car and on the way towards Adelaide. We decided to spend a night in Warrnambool, only if we can see all the things on the way before. Because how stupid it would be to do the Great Ocean Road and see the Twelve Apostles in the dark! First tourist stop was at the Gibson Steps. We didn’t go down the steps because it was sunset and we really wanted to reach the Apostles. Did took a picture though.  Nic didn’t like the fact than they are not original anymore. We enjoyed the Apostles on the sunset. It was a beautiful moment (and very blinding). Then we stopped on couple of other places like the London Bridge (a rock), the Arch (a rock) and Loch and Gorgeis (a cave) and made our way towards our first stop on the way – Warrnambool. Nic was rather tired as I can’t drive so we decided to stay in a Motel for the night to get a good night sleep. We bought some Chinese food and watch telly in bed. Bliss!



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