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After our very good night sleep we hit the road again, this time towards the Grampians. Grampians is a national park between Adelaide and Melbourne. Arthur and Aukje had been there a week before and really recommended for us to go and see it. Grampians is a big mountain and you can really see it from far away. We decided to drive up there and stop on the way. We were 400 m above sea level, which is higher than Estonian highest point. After an hour of windy roads we decided to have a leg stretch break next to a beautiful lake and we were attacked by some local parrots. That was really funny – trying to have a pee in the bush whilst looking out so the parrots don’t get your bum. We went to see the McKenzie falls which is the biggest fall I have ever seen. I can compare it now! Because it was so low down in the valley we admired it from the edge of the cliff. But I got really upset with fellow Estonians – as we entered the road to walk down, there was a big tree with “With love, from Estonia” on it. I wanted to say that we all not all stupid like this! It would have taken us an hour to get down there and we still had a long way to go. We have a look at the pictures – it really was a beautiful drive. After the Grampians we decided to drive towards Adelaide and maybe find a place to stay the night in. We were thinking to spend the night in the car but then saw a cheap looking motel on the side of the road and decided to go and sleep there. Well we shouldn’t have. It goes to the history as the most horrible place we have ever stayed at. The guy, who was the owner, looked like something out of a horror movie, coming out of his cubicle wearing only a vest and boxer shorts. I think he hoped I was by myself and charged us 70 dollars because it was late in the night. The room stank of cigarettes and something else. I don’t want to know what that something else was. And he asked me if we would like a room with a view. I said yes please, because we are on our honeymoon. Well the room with a view was over a building site with some Adelaide lights in the distance. Great! I didn’t sleep well that night; I thought he might creep into our rooms and steal our passports! Hehhheee! In the morning we saw something what looked like blood in front of the motel. Yuk! We were off to our first host in Adelaide – Francine.



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