The Wedding - Nic & Laura
Nic & Laura
The boys arrived at the Castle an hour before curfew, it was midday. We were met by friends and family who had been anticipating a party of wounded soldiers returning from battle. It was a not a surprise to find that I, the Groom, had not disappointed. Although minor, I had arrived a wounded man, an injury sustained on The Journey to our destination.

As others ran to the arms of their respective partners, I was left to contemplate what had been achieved and what lay ahead of me. My Bride to be had retreated to her room, it was at this point that the reality of what was to come become real, we were getting married. In the hours that followed, preparations were made, flowers were laid, hair and make-up, sound-checks, showers, shaving, champagne, toasting and finally making the final walk to the alter as a single man.

It had been 4 hours since I had arrived and my heart was beating faster than ever before, I missed my fiance, I had not seen her for a week. Little did I know how my breathe would be taken away. As the Wedding March began, I took a few moments to prepare myself and as I peered out from behind the crowd, our eyes met. This was the moment I had been waiting for since December 2007 and is a moment I will remember for the rest of my life.

When the ceremony was over, congratulations given and the first of many Estonian traditions revealed, we were sent away to capture some memories. After an hour and a half with the photographer we were sent to our room so that we could reflect on the time spent apart and relax before the next chapter of the day began. Unfortunately for Laura, there was to be no relaxing. An earlier tradition, which entailed a 3 man pyramid and tying a ribbon around a tree, had left me with split trousers!

We were eventually summoned to return to the party and were met at the dinner table with cheers and whistles, this was our first official introduction as Mr and Mrs Scott and it felt amazing, it felt right. We sat down for dinner and the first wave of speeches. As night began to fall, everything was going to plan. We had our dinner, we danced our first dance, we listened to our best friends telling stories about our lives before we met. It was then time for me to deliver my speech, something I had been panicking about for months, it was well received and I was grateful for the patience given as I attempted to impress my new Bride with her mother tongue.

The darkness faded and the lights never came on. As with all Weddings, one thing had to go wrong, and it would seem that this was ours. It was around this time that we were called back to the main room where further traditions were to be unveiled, but my Bride was no where to be seen, she had been kidnapped. In order to get her back, I would need to pass a challenge, I was given a guitar and requested to play for her return. Confronted by the largest audience I have ever played to, I was honored by the support of my 2 best men. Bride and Groom were reunited and I did not let her out of my sight for the remainder of the evening.

The cake was cut and gifts were given, the night was drawing to a close. We danced with friends, said thanks and goodnight. The rest, only the Bride and Groom know.

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